Homily of Fr. Eduard Perrone; Pentecost (OF)


This homily by Fr. Perrone was recorded during the Noon Mass for Pentecost today.  The last Mass on Sundays at Assumption Grotto is one of three weekend Ordinary Form Masses at the parish. There are exceptions when the Extraordinary Form Mass will shift to Noon such as on Corpus Christi as explained here.

Here are the Ordinary Form readings for Pentecost.

Hearing the Homily

You can play this homily right here online in the embedded feature below.  You can also get a free SoundCloud account where you can follow GrottoCast. There are free SoundCloud apps for most devices.    There is a playlist set up for 2015.  Unfortunately, SoundCloud doesn’t offer much in the way of organizing. Things appear in reverse chronological order.

 Sharing the Homily

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Audio Homily for Pentecost

Here is today’s homily by Fr. Perrone (follow the link to the website if you do not see the player window)

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