Homily of Fr. Eduard Perrone, on devotion to the Sacred Heart

Fr. Perrone kneels as he offers a prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus after Mass, then leads the Holy Rosary for God’s grace on our country.

This homily on the Sacred Heart of Jesus was delivered at the 9:30 A.M. Mass which was switched to an ordinary form due to a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Noon, in EF (1962 Missal).  You can see the photo post at Te Deum Laudamus of the Mass of Thanksgiving celebrated by Fr. Douglas Braun.

On this 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time (new calendar), Fr. Perrone discusses devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, which was on Friday.

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Attendance has been down as people head out of town on vacation. And, many went to the Mass of Thanksgiving at Noon

It’s not uncommon for Fr. Perrone to close his eyes at times while preaching.

The Altar of the Sacred Heart is seen in the background here.


If you missed it, check out the Corpus Christi procession video from last week.

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