2015-11-22 Homily of Fr. Perrone 9:30 (EF) – Last Sunday after Pentecost

2015-11-22 12.19.54

This homily was delivered by Fr. Perrone at the 9:30 a.m. EF Mass. It was the last Sunday after Pentecost in the 1962 calendar. Father discussed the ways we can maintain our faith and closeness with God during times of turmoil in the world.

Metro-Detroit was affected by a rare November snow-band that left about 4-6 inches of snow at the parish.  As you listen to the homily, you can scroll down and view some iPhone images taken today.  Many of these are shots of the grotto – which is behind the Assumption Grotto name.

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2015-11-22 09.18.26 HDR


2015-11-22 11.58.39 HDR

2015-11-22 12.00.34 HDR

2015-11-22 12.02.02 HDR

2015-11-22 12.02.22 HDR

2015-11-22 12.02.54 HDR

2015-11-22 12.05.24 HDR

2015-11-22 12.08.07 HDR

2015-11-22 12.09.27 HDR

2015-11-22 12.11.27 HDR

This is one of the Stations of the Cross that are in the cemetery.

2015-11-22 12.12.25 HDR

This is the monument for recovered bodies of aborted babies.

2015-11-22 12.12.41 HDR

2015-11-22 12.13.28 HDR

Hard to see here, but the thick snow had turned to ice on the branches, giving it the appearance of crystals.

2015-11-22 12.17.38 HDR

The snow-covered fence to the back of the parking lot with the “No Hard Ball on Lots” sign.

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